Red-breasted Merganser – IL

Red-breasted Merganser – Mergus serrator

IMG_7540I was in North Chicago to see my daughter graduate from the Navy training center. I took an hour to check out the local birds. We went to the beach in an industrial complex. Lori and I started walking on the beach and spied a group of birds near a harbor. We thought there was a clear path to the harbor from the IMG_7541 beach so she was going to bring the car around to the harbor. My job was to try to approach the birds and get some great pictures. I wandered and shot pictures completely oblivious to the fact I’s have to swim or/and walk on water to get to the IMG_7609harbor. By the time I figured it out I was frozen and about two miles from the car. It was a long, cold walk to rescue. Next time, make sure to have a cellphone in my pocket!!!

Feb 13, 2016IMG_7545

Apparently, these guys are all around Delaware. I saw 8 on one creek and then about 4 at another creek. I wanted to sneak up on then and get a good picture but I sneak like a pantzer. The only good picture was the one with the two males looking to the left.