Ruby-throated Hummingbird – DE, NJ, NB

IMG_1206Ruby-throated hummingbird – Archilochus colubris

I have photographed this bird in several states and in Canada. The last picture is the most recent which I took in my backyard a few days ago. The Cornell Ornithology Lab says the bird pictured in the last picture is an immature female. She has visited the yard on a couple of occasions. She came with a friend the last time which I thought was odd because they are supposedly very territorial.

I took the first picture in Elemer, NJ earlier this summer. My in-laws IMG_1495live across the street from this feeder and I hung out by a tree until this lovely lady came by for a drink.

The middle picture is one I took in Canada a few years ago. We were staying in a cabin with a feeder on the porch. I sat under the feeder for an hour with no success. I moved across the porch and then the birds came to feed.

I recently heard an NPR show about a hummingbird rescue. According to the show, hummingbirds have personalities and can remember people.  The show put The Fastest Things on Wings on my short list for summer reading. Too bad the summer is fast coming to an end.