House Wren – DE

IMG_2661House Wren – Troglodytes aedon

I nabbed this bird at Middle Run today. I just dropped off my son at a friend’s house and ran over to Middle Run to see if I could find an Indigo Bunting. Alas and woe, the weather and my camera conspired against me.

I usually have the problem that the bird is too far away to get a good picture so I decided to use the camera with the super telephoto capabilities. Wouldn’t you know that this wren decides to plant itself in a tree too close to me to get decent shot. I was trying to sneakily back up but a raspberry bush gave me away when it grabbed my backpack. The wren, either sensing the on-coming rain, or the close proximity of uncommon stupidity, flew off to safer venues. Next time, little house wren, next time!