Bald Eagle – WY, DE

IMG_2414Bald Eagle – Haliaeetus leucocephalus

I had some pictures of the Bald Eagle from Wyoming but I could not remember if I took them or if my son took them. Today we spied this immature Bald Eagle in the Augustine Nature Preserve. Since I am absolutely certain that I took the first image, I felt it was okay to add this bird to the list.

It was an enormous bird. I was at least a half mile from the bird but my trusted Cannon PowerShot  SX50 HS was up to the challenge of zooming in .

IMG_5368My son spied the adult birds in Wyoming. He was so excited about seeing the Bald Eagle all he could say was, “It’s a…a…a Bald…bird!!!”

The birds in the tree are mine from a trip to Bombay Hook over the Veteran’s Day holiday. We saw two that day. It swooped down and flew into a tree. I took some looking to find it but when I spied him, he sat nicely while I changed out the camera battery and the memory card.