Green Heron – NJ

Green Heron – Butorides virescensIMG_2770

Besides being my 60th bird, it’s an absolutely beautiful animal. I am still not sure if its actually a green heron. It might be a Least Bittern or an American bittern.

We saw this at Parvin State Park. I was rather depressed with the apparently low number of birds 11873533_10153548733358142_1537838320494521380_nin the park. It was almost devoid of bird sounds. Then, my amazing wife furiously hand motions me over to a bridge. “It went in there…,” and she points to some shadowing area at the water line. Then this amazing bird flew up to a branch for us to gawk at.

My thought, when we saw it, was that it was a green heron. The head had a deep green. I sent the pic out to the Facebook world to see if anyone can help with the identification.